Salesforce Talks AI! Why it Matters…

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Salesforce made AI a big focus in their latest earnings call…

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If we have learned one thing about AI in 2023 is that it is mostly hype at this point…

While the technology has very tangible benefits, they are not yet translating in to the company revenues that investors were hoping for.

I suspect that 2024 is when we’ll start to see the 🍇 fruits of this labor start to pay off for the rest of big tech. 

They must be in agreement because billions of dollars are currently being poured into building advanced machine learning infrastructures.

Nvidia is supplying most of the GPUs that power it so they are currently the main beneficiary.

While most analysts are focused on the financial benefits of AI from the technological side of things, the reality is that it will likely go hand in hand with other revenue opportunities.


The CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS) made an interesting comment recently…

He said that potential AI users are interested in implementing the tech, but are not sure how exactly to best apply it for their specific needs.

While AWS and Salesforce have different sets of cliental with different goals, they are both in the B2B space…

It is reasonable to assume that the 🤝 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) space will also face a dramatic shift towards AI implementation at one point or another.

For the uninitiated, CRM is practically Saleforce’s bread and butter! 

Keep in mind that this is unlikely to have a positive impact on the company’s actual numbers in the next few quarters, but we may start to see a shift sometime in 2024…

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