Microsoft Copilot (ChatGPT Killer?)

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Most headlines make it seem like Microsoft’s new generative AI product and ChatGPT are direct competitors…

The reality is that they are very different in their functionality!

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot with a large database of information to pull from.

It needs to be accessed separately from whatever the user is doing and fed the appropriate questions to get a response.

Microsoft’s Copilot on the other hand is an AI assistant that is integrated into their Windows 11 operating system and 365 product suite.

This means seamless real-time help… 

Allowing users to complete tasks much more quickly than they otherwise would.

Seeing Microsoft’s in-depth breakdown of Copilot a few weeks ago gave me a new perspective on what generative AI is capable of.

I can see how a more advanced version in the future may make traditional search engines seem obsolete…

I’m not saying that Alphabet is going to go out of business, but I do think that the Internet as we know it will change dramatically!

Even in its current iteration, Copilot is already able to pick up on user data and behavior…

This allows it to more accurately give the user what they are looking for.

You can argue that search engines do this at a very rudimentary level, but it takes a significant amount of time to find exactly the search result you are looking for.

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