Big Earnings Week Ahead

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We’ve got quite the week ahead of us!

Of the companies deemed “The Magnificent Seven”, four are reporting on earnings this week…

Leverage Shares

We’ve got Microsoft and Alphabet reporting after the bell on Tuesday!

Microsoft seems to be the name getting the most coverage around this week’s battle of the titans.

I suspect that the strong AI narrative is a big part of that…

Many analysts believe that they are the best-positioned player (other than Nvidia) to benefit from AI in the near term. 

Alphabet has largely been slept on as far as coverage is concerned.

Part of that has to do with the antitrust lawsuits the company is going through currently.

With that said, I don’t think that it is one to sleep on…

Next up…..we’ve got Meta on Wednesday, reporting after market close!

A few months ago the company reported improved reel monetization through AI.

I would be curious to see if Meta has brought increased efficiency through AI to other aspects of the business as well.

Then there’s Threads…

After a strong launch back in July, the “X” competitor has lost almost 80% of its user base from its peak!

Even if Zuckerberg doesn’t bring it up on the earnings call, it’s likely that an analyst will ask about it in the Q&A.

Anthony Quintano

Finally…..Amazon earnings are expected to drop on Thursday in the after-hours. 

It’s an interesting situation because most of the company’s profit comes from a small portion of the revenue.

We are of course talking about AWS, Amazon’s cloud computing division.

I suspect that the majority of Wall Street will be looking at AWS and seeing what kind of numbers they post…

That’s all for now.

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