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The White House announced yesterday that they will be issuing an executive order that will add new regulations for AI!

This is not a completely unexpected action from the Biden administration given that the EU issued its own regulations a few months ago…

Companies like Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google have also been pushing for this type of regulation.

This is likely not due to altruism on their part but rather the desire to make it harder for new players to come in and challenge their domain!

So what are the actual rules that the White House is putting in place?

Here are a few big ones:

Developers of powerful AI systems will be mandated to share safety test results with the federal government.

This rigorous reporting will only apply to the most advanced systems in the world, not basic consumer tools like the current iteration of ChatGPT.

Then there’s the matter of red-teaming

Without getting into the nitty-gritty, this is essentially a way of testing the safety of these AI systems and their ability to breach sensitive systems such as power grids, nuclear energy, etc.

While many of the big AI players already do this, the departments of Homeland Security and Energy will help oversee this process.

Another big one is watermarking

This allows people to determine which content is created by humans and which is generated by artificial intelligence!

More than likely this move from the Biden administration will create concern regarding government overreach as well as the hampering of technological innovation.

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