The Death of Satellite TV

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Dish Network had another disastrous quarter on Monday…

The company reported a net retail wireless subscribers decrease of about 225,000 in this quarter.

That number was at 188,000 wireless subscribers in Q2.

They also reported revenue totaling $3.70 billion for the quarter, compared to $4.10 billion a year prior.

With how bad things are looking for Dish, many believe that they are headed towards bankruptcy…

One thing that could prevent this from happening is a merger with DirecTV.

While this is not on the cards at the moment, AT&T is supposedly looking to get rid of its ownership stake, making a possible deal more likely to occur.

Whatever way you slice it though it is becoming very apparent thatthese satellite and cable TV companies are in a dire situation…

Services like Roku and YoutubeTV are continuously eating up more and more of the market share until eventually…

There isn’t going to be a whole lot left for a Dish Network!

In order to survive, they will need to transition.

The problem is that this will likely cost billions of dollars and there are no guarantees that they will effectively compete against the big dogs.

While this may seem cruel, it is the inevitable truth of business…

New technologies emerge all the time killing off old players and bringing in new ones!

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