Tesla shares will continue to fall (Here’s Why…)

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With the year heading to a close, we thought it would be a good time to talk about tax-loss harvesting.

For those who don’t know…

Tax-loss harvesting is the practice of selling an investment at a loss in order to offset the taxes resulting from a capital gain.

This means that the stocks likely to get hit by this practice are the ones that have seen substantial losses during the year

We are talking about companies like Walgreens…

Or Dish Network…

Stocks like this are likely to get hit harder than most because anyone who got in this year will likely be sitting on a massive loss right now!

As far as the big stocks go, the most likely one to see bearish sentiment due to tax-loss harvesting is Tesla.

Musk’s company saw a noticible dip in its share price towards the end of last year…

I think that tax-loss harvesting played a big part in this.

Keep in mind that the overall Tesla stock is not doing nearly as bad this year as it was the year prior.

This means that fewer people should technically be sitting on losses they can take advantage of.

It’s likely still a bit of a headwind for the company though as we wrap up 2023…

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